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We know that the Valenzetti equation predicted the end of the world. The core number in the solution were:

4 8 15 16 23 42

And are said to be either human or environmental parameters. [1]

Furthermore, the Dharma Initiative's goal was to change atleast one of the numbers to avert the end of the world.

Jacob assigned Jack the number 23.

In order to analysis this theory, you'll have to rewatch certain parts of S01E01, and S06E01. The key scene is when Jack is looking out the window in the plane.

In S01E01, watch the video @ timestamp 00:21:22 [2]. In this scene we can clearly see one of wings of the airplane out the window. In fact, Jack is looking @ it, as the camera pans away. However, in S06E01--timestamp 00:01:52 [3]--the camera is facing, and pans out of the window adjacent to Jack, but no wing!!!
no wing!!!

We know in S01E01, Jack was seated @ 23B [4]. However, in S06E01 timeline, we can infer Jack was seated somewhere else, since he can't see the wings from his current position. We can infer that Jack was seated in row 28 in S06E01, since @ timestamp 00:05:03-00:05:06, there's a shot of Jack, and Desmond, seated 3 rows from the exit rows. Given the seating chart [5], this would indicate row 28.

Therefore in the S06E01, we can clearly see that the environmental factor of Jack sitting in row 23, right before the plance crashed, has changed. Moreover, we will also likely see the human factor of 23 change: Jack will be a man of Faith in the S06 timeline, whereas he was a man of Science in the previous timeline; strengthening the case that the variable 23 has indeed changed in a human, and environmental way. Thus the solution to the Valenzetti has changed, and the world saved!!!

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