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I have not been able to stay caught up on all the theories that have been written this season, so forgive me if someone else has already suggested this.

I have begun to think that we are watching the end of lost in the alt universe as we see our losties struggle on the island. I think they may all die trying to save the island, and/or get caught up in the conflict between MIB and Jacob.

The reason we are seeing the end and the beginning of the end side by side is the end isn’t that compelling. Would we really all sit transfixed in front of our tv’s, theorizing on websites like this if it was just a happy ending during season 6? Would we rush to our tv’s every Tuesday night to see how Kate helps Claire, how Jack may help Locke, how Locke is content with himself and Helen, or how Hurley is no longer cursed? We all want answers to the mysteries of the island and we are getting them in a very dramatic way. There’s still plenty of drama and mystery on the island to keep us coming back for more.

There has been an ongoing theme of balance throughout the show. With MIB in power, our losties will somehow restore balance to the island before it sinks to the bottom of the ocean and they will all die in the process.

Also, I think Jacob needed to bring emotionally and/or physically damaged people to the island and have them redeem themselves so he could “win”. That’s how he proves his point.

So once they die, just like the other losties who died, they find redemption and end up in LA, or somewhere else in the alt timeline. It is there they will be rewarded with better lives than if they had not had their island experience. We may not get to see all of our redeemed losties, but they will be referred to as leading a satisfying life.

And what about Ben? He’s not an original lostie, but he’s sure played a major role. I’ll bet he does something spectacular to redeem himself as we see him in the alt timeline too. I not sure about all the logistics, but the underlying story is about redemption.

So I think there will be a happy ending and we will see Sawyer and Juliet having coffee knowing “It Worked”.

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