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The Aladdin Hypothesis by CruzaderJC

I know this is a stretch, but I posted this in an episode thread yesterday, and realized this is basically a Grand Theory. Its a new theory no one really thought of yet, and I thought it would be a new and different way to interpret the series so far.

- The Island is a "lamp" that grants wishes

- The smoke monster is a Genie, who is trapped inside of the Island and wants to leave. The only way he can leave is if he "tricks" someone into wishing him to be set free

- It takes an enormous amount of willpower to develop the "ability" to ask for a wish or be granted a wish. But if one masters this "ability", he/she can have anything they want happen.

- The ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia have all known about this power. However, through their human-ness, they ended up causing their own downfall through this power. (Be careful what you wish for)

- Someone at some point wished for the Island to be hidden from the world, so no one else could have this power. This possibly may be Jacob, who witnessed the destruction the Island could cause if put into the wrong hands.

- Jacob brings people to the Island because he believes there must be someone in the human race worthy enough to wield this power. However, the genie says that every person who has been granted this "wishing" power has always ended up causing their own downfall. Thus, Jacob is very very very careful to choose who should have this power. "It always ends the same. They come, they corrupt, they destroy"

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