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Locke is the island and its spirit by Vick

- Locke is the island and its spirit
- Locke is the spirit of the island in its human form (this explains Locke staying alive multiple times after an accident or getting shot by Ben, Also he knows things about the island that the other Losties dont)
- Locke (or the spirit) is the puppet master for both MIB and Jacob
- Locke brought both MIB and Jacob to the island to play this game of right and wrong or black and white.

- Two bodies that were found in the cave were of the two protagonists on each side before Jacob and MIB were the players. They also had black and white stones on them symbolically suggesting that they were part of a bigger game.
- The spirit is the smokey. its Vincent. its Walt. it is christian. and now its Locke. Spirit enters a dead body and takes its form.
- The spirit is the key to the island not Jacob or MIB which means that Whoever has Locke on their side (MIB or Jacob) is going to win in the end.
- As far as the loops go, i believe that MIB and Jacob are stuck here or were brought here by the spirit so that they can take sides (man of faith (Jacob) vs man of science (MIB)). Jacob brings people to the island from different walks of life to prove to the spirit that faith is the answer and MIB on the other hand believes that Science (by observing the repeating human behaviors of fighting, corruption etc. suggesting that the humans will not change and cant be change based on past numerous experiences. This tells me that MIB is a results orientated person and he trusts the past results than he does faith.)
- They bring the humans to the island and each time or each loop they perform the same functions (fight, corrupt etc.)
- in my opinion the loop ends once the humans do things against their natural instincts and they are cured of all the illnesses (again, fighting, corruption, etc.)
- the spirit can let go of all these souls once they are "purified" including MIB and Jacob
- Season 7 previw - Spirit starts another cleansing ritual with few new characters - and the story never ends :)

Hope u like my theory. Im not sure if i explained the theory properly, i hope i did. im sure there are many unanswered questions and holes in my theory but overall you get the idea.
Also, This is my own theory and if anyone has mentioned it before than you can take the credit.

Thanks for reading....

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