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Throughout the show, starting at the very beginning, this has been a story of fate vs. free will. Sure, there are polar bears and scientists and hippies and monsters and leaps of faith and black/white cosmic chess games and a scene at a temple from Batman Begins... but really it's about fate vs. free will (in the spirit of redemption).

We now have two timelines. My hunch is we will get to learn how our characters are in Los Angeles juxtaposed against their suffering on the island. I believe if Team Jacob wins, in the end, the Losties will be given a choice on which timeline to keep.

On the one hand they will have their regular and boring and "miserable" lives - and on the other, all the heartache and pain on the island, yet with redemption. Perhaps it's tied up with, if they choose the island timeline, John Locke comes back to life - sort of a fitting reward and bringing the story full circle. Anyway, so that's my end-game theory... nothing too detailed... just that it's our plane crash heroes and villains who will decide the ultimate fate of whether the island floats or sinks, of whether Hurley is lucky or unlucky - they will have a choice.

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