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First off, I want to thank DarkUFO for this site to keeping us all busy with LOST until tomorrow night. According to my clock I have 28.5 hours left. Right now I am tearing the hair out of my head NOT watching or reading any spoilers. I wish I was able to be at the Sunset at the Beach event, but reality is reality.

Its hard to find words sometimes when I think about the impact of a show with the magnitude that LOST has. It has completely changed my life and the way I think. I read now more than I have ever read before. Yes they are LOST related books from the LOST book club, but to have a show that imprints on you is something else entirely. I even decided to pursue my Masters if not my Doctorate Degree because of the ideas of this show. Like I said its very hard to explain in words just how this show has touched me.

Second I want to thank all of you who post theories on here. You keep the creative juices flowing for the rest of us. And now I would like to present my theory on LOST.

On November 29th, 1993 an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation aired that was Worf centered. Perhaps one of my favorites as well. To make a long story even shorter, the jist of this episode was that Worf passed through a rift in the spacetime continuum and was shifting through different parallel universes at the quantum level. While I am not an astrophysicist or physicist in any fashion I understand that at the quantum level things get strange. But I do believe that Data gave a great example of what was happening to explain to us. This is how Data said it.

" I have found that the quantum flux
in Worf's cellular RNA extends to
the subatomic level. It is
asynchronous with normal matter.

In essence, Captain -- Mister Worf
does not belong in our universe.

All matter in the universe
resonates on a quantum level with
a unique signature. This
signature is a constant. It
cannot be changed by any known
process. It is the basic
foundation of existence."

From then on once Worf is made aware of everything going on with him and someone asks why he does not remember something, Worf then replys "I do remember. I just remember it differently." Remember Worf's past is still HIS past, but he is fluxing through different versions on realities where things happened differently.

Heres the Wikipedia site for a brief description:

On the history channel on November 18, 2008 The TV series The Universe aired a title called Parallel Universes. There are in fact as many as 4 different types of parallel universes , but for the my theory I am focusing on the Level 3 type. The Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Basically this theory states that at any given probability (we can call this choice, decision, or event) all possibilities DO happen. In other words imaging walking down a street and up ahead there is a fork in the road, there is a universe where you go right, there is a universe in which you go left, there is a universe in which you turn around and walk away, and there is a universe where you never walk down that street. This is also based on the cat in the box example where it is both alive and dead at the same time. Every time you make a CHOICE the universe splits and whatever possible outcome does happen.

In the Star Trek Episode Worf was skipping through different versions of these universes.

Here is the Wikipedia link for this:

The idea I want to present here is these different universes are created at the moment of CHOICE. For every CHOICE I have, every possible reaction DOES in act happen.

I believe what we will see in Season 6 is a glimpse of this many worlds based on CHOICE, we are going to see a reality (I refuse to call it a timeline, as it is reality) where Oceanic 815 does not crash, and another reality in which it happened all along (which is what we have all been watching. I believe the island which is the nexus of all these different possible realities is also every single mythical place in history. What we have watched is one reality create a completely new realty or one reality influenced another.

Think off it like this, Once the bomb goes off inside the pocket of energy every possible outcome does happen. We are only focused on 2 of the outcomes. A - The plane never crashes. And B - Everything still happens the way it always had. I'm sure there is even a C, D, E, F, G, H and so on as well.

While there are many many many holes in this theory this seems to make sense to me.

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