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Black Rock Decendants by JFar

I got to thinking about Ben telling Jack that if they wanted to go back to the island that they ALL had to return. Then it also dawned on me about Widmore being banished from the island for leaving the island and having children. Perhaps to "repair" the timeline that ALL decendants of the Black Rock MUST be brought back to the island in order to fix things. THE OCEANIC SIX ARE ALL DECENDANTS FROM THE BLACK ROCK.

You see one cannot leave the island and have children because it breaks with the timelines. If you're born in 1800's and then leave the island and have kids, those kids will not be in the right timeline, thus messing with the "natural order of things."

This is just a thought, I'm sure there is more going on here, but this seems to make sense to me. Please give me your opinions!


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