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One time line by Victor

LA X is a real and only one possible time line and therefore history. In it the 815 flight lands safely in LAX AND also crashes on an island with unique properties, which does not exist. That is how:

- Because of electromagnetic anomalies and “negatively charged exotic matter” and such, time and space is distorted around the island. Time itself is a relative term – one must have a starting point to tell a point in time. So, on the Island every group of people lives in a time line related to this particular group. Every group’s individual time line is linear and straight but these lines can not necessarily be parallel to each other – that’s how people from the plane were able to visit other groups on the Island in different moments of their history and how a particular group experience (or imagines) the time flaw is not necessarily real. (It is possible that Others have a ritual or some kind of process that attaches and detaches (Juliet) them to/from the island’s time line).

- Because of the possibility of random intersections of timelines of different groups numerous time loops are created within the borders of the anomaly making it increasingly unstable and in theory not existent for the outside world. If we take the example with the compass: if one event falls out of the sequence the compass ceases to exist – if Richard would not give it to Locke, Locke will not be able to give it back to Richard and compass as well as the whole world around it, Richard and Locke changes, that is disappears. Therefore the Island is a closed universe within the borders of the anomaly and created by a complex web of time loops.

- The Island can be approached by any conventional transport if a right portal, which is a point in space where real Island space and time are in sync with the outside world’s space-time, exist and can be found. Leaving the island with a transport that was build in the outside world will bring one to a point in time relative to this transport with a possibility of some small discrepancies. Leaving the island is also possible through the turning of the ancient weel – this would send one to a random (from their view point) point in time

– imagine jumping from a spinning carousel – and therefore is “both, dangerous and unpredictable”.

- Now, it is clear that because of these unique properties noting that happens on the island can influence the course of the outside world history, because it does not exist. It means that Faraday was wrong about the Swan site and the bomb – one cannot change the events by changing the objects ON the Island (that is why it was also safe for DHARMA to conduct their experiments here). The crash of the flight 815 was caused by a human error (Desmond, and we still do not know what caused the flight 316 emergency landing), so in order to change history (only personal history of individuals can be changed, that is restored) the responsible person, Desmond in this case, must be changed first.

According to this theory “finding a loophole” means finding a most fragile event of the sequence of events and destroying the loop and the Island. And the clues that we can look for in the LAX time line are the changes in characters that appear because of not interference from the native “Island’s” characters.

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