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I have never posted theory about the "nature" or "mythology" of the island. My theories have tended to stick to the "science" of Lost. That is because science has rules. If you understand the rules, you can predict outcomes, making it easier to develop possible theories.

Mythology is different. If we are watching a show about gods, demons, aliens, etc, theorizing is much more complicated because they could literally be making it up as they go. There is no reason that the island's mythology has to be tied to ancient Greek myths, Biblical characters, or the USS Enterprise.

Having said that, I want to raise a question about what we saw on "What Kate Does."

Jack asked Dogan repeatedly what was in the pill that he wanted Sayid to take. His first answer was that Jack would not understand. He also said Sayid had to take it willingly. After Jack put it in his mouth, Dogan kicked the crap out of him to make him spit it out and then said it was "poison".

Everyone is now assuming that this means Dogan was trying to kill Sayid. What if this wasn't the case?

Not all forms of poison are lethal. Narcotics (mescaline, psilocybin, etc) and alcohol (ethanol)are also poisons. Many narcotics can be lethal at high enough doses.

Dogan had all sorts of plants and herbs in his little grow room. We saw him mixing these ingredients in a pestle and mortar.

This isn't the first time we have seen someone mixing up herbs that were grown on the island in a pestle and mortar.

In season 1, we saw John Locke do the same thing before forcing Boone to see his "Teresa falls down the stairs, Teresa falls up the stairs" vision.

The main difference is that John forced Boone to recieve a message from the island (fate). Dogan wanted Sayid to take his "poison" voluntarily (free will).

Maybe Dogan wasn't trying to kill Sayid. What if Dogan wanted Sayid to have a vision about what to do next from the island. The theory that the "mythical" or "super natural" forces on the island represent fate and free will. What if Dogan wanted Sayid to have a vision from the entity that represents free will? Many people assume Jacob represents this free will and we already know that Jacob, although dead, is still actively participating in the battle through Hurley. Maybe if he forces Sayid to take the pill, the other entity on the island would be responsible for the message.

Anyone else think Dogan's Drug might be a season 6 reference to Locke's Drug in season 1?

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