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This is the second time I am trying to make myself understandable in English, since it is not my native language, so please forgive my lack of vocabulary. Let's see if I am capable of explaining my crazy thoughts about what's going on with the different timelines on Lost.

I am quite shocked that not many people have thought about what I am defending since we started to hear the spoilers about an apparent reset back in the summer. After watching LA X I am even more convinced that this new alternative timeline (ATL) may have nothing to do with The Incident or what happened during the first five seasons of the show. It is not a consecuence of that, and the (you had two “the”s here-I deleted one) main proof is that they are still on the island! If the bomb had worked, Sun, Lapidus and the rest would have banished from the island instantly. My theory is that the Oceanic 815 landing safe in LA, with Desmond on the plane, Hurley being happy, etc... happened BEFORE everything else we were shown, and the whole accident was a huge plan by someone to prevent the island ending up under the water. So that ATL we saw in 6x01 is, to me, the original one, and what we've seen from Season 1 was the modified one.

It is impossible that the nuclear explosion is the cause for the island to be underwater. It is ridicuolus. If a bomb is able to put that huge piece of land underwater, it would have been able to destroy the surface as well, wouldn't it? But we saw pretty clear that the foot of the statue was still there, and even Dharma/Otherville was there! I'd rather believe that it was moved via frozen wheel to a sub-acuatic space, or by any other strange experiment Dharma was performing.

So, my theory is that, originally, Dharma did something that caused this, and then the Others, with Eloise and Widmore on the outside, have been trying to introduce a change in that timeline in order to avoid it, because their main objective is always to protect the island! Think about it, it would explain why their son Faraday has been studying and experimenting with all of the electromagnetism and the time travelling his whole life... and it would also explain why they try to guide Desmond's life to the island. He is the way they have found to change things. Rules don't apply to him, that is why they use him.

The accident of the Oceanic 815 was obviously intentional. That is why Widmore sets up the fake wreckage, because he was behind the plan. So it is not insane to assume that everything we've seen from the beginning of the show was an alteration of another timeline (the one we started to see in the last episode).

I also wonder when this plan started? Maybe it was not only Desmond changing some things from the outside, but the fact that Ben became leader of the Others was indeed part of the conspiracy to alter the original timeline. I never fully understood what reason the Others may have had to kill all of the Dharmies, but seeing the island underwater has given me a HUGE WHY- they may have murdered them... to prevent them from destroying the island! Richard visiting Ben Potter in the woods and asking him to be patient may be the first step to change things in the new time line. So Juliet getting to the island is also part of the new timeline, that is why she is the only one who jumps through time with the Losties when the flashes start, because they were also not supposed to crash on the island in the first place.

I loved to see all the similarities between both timelines in the "new" (original) Oceanic flight. Boone and Locke getting along, as they would also do when they crash on the island in the modified timeline, Sawyer hitting on Kate, Jack saving Charlie's life as he would do "later" when Ethan tries to kill him... Their destiny is more or less the same...

We are reaching the end of the story, I just don't buy the whole idea of two different timelines coexisting at the same time, as if the characters were stuck between the two of them. I think it would just be too complicated to explain in only 16 episodes left , so until next Wednesday, I will stick to this crazy idea... This is Lost, and if there is one thing I am sure of, is that we can never assume the obvious to be the truth, so Jughead leading to O815 to land in LA seems much too "easy" to me... :) Who thought we were watching a flashforward of Jack at the end of season 3? We all assumed it was a flashback until the very end of the episode, and they tried to fool us because Jack was drinking, he seemed to be talking to his ex Sarah on the phone... so now Juliet's "It worked" , Jack's apparent Deja Vu face, the wound of his neck...It can also be part of the producers game to make us hesitate!!

I will keep trying to put all the things together, in the meantime, thanks for taking time to read my theories and I will be very pleased to answer whatever comments may come! :)

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