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Desmonds Book by Broansaw

Hello all,

Im new to posting on this site. Im not sure if this is a real theory but i had some thoughts after looking into the book that desmond was reading on the plane when he was siting next to Jack.

Desmond was reading the book Haroun and the Sea of Stories. If you just go to the books wiki page you can pull references that are identical to things happening on lost. examples I found from the wiki link:

Haroun and the sea of stories:

"they encounter Mudra, who reveals Khattam-Shud's division of himself into two shadowy figures whereof one is an anthropomorphic shadow and the other a diminished man"

- could this be smokey/MIB and jacob being the same person and unable to kill each other directly?

"Butt the Hoopoe: A machine in the form of a Hoopoe who becomes Haroun's steed in Kahani. He is revealed to possess a mechanical brain which is capable of almost all known mental feats, including telepathy."

- Again this could be characteristics of smokey. a machine that is able to take the forms other other people/things? It has a mechanical brain that can use telepathy. This might explain why the smoke monster can read people and sounds like its a machine

-Also Jacob says he was killed by a friend that grew tired of him. He could be reffering to Ben in this instance but what if hes refferning to smokey/flocke?

-Within Haroun and the sea of stories this machine is a companion of the main character then later takes the form of a steed to help the main character. It just a thought but what if smokey once a companion/security system for jacob goes tired of jacob and begins his loop hole search to kill jacob.

I also looked into the authors other book Salman Rushdie's Satanic Verses. which people mistook the book to be in the episode. I found interesting points in this book as well.

Points found in Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses:

"At the beginning of the novel, both main characters are trapped in a hijacked plane during a flight from India to Britain. The plane explodes over the English Channel, but the two are magically saved. In a miraculous transformation, Farishta takes on the personality of the archangel Gibreel, and Chamcha that of a devil."

-A plane exploding over the ocean sounds familiar. Could this personality transformations be something that happened to Jack and Locke? That they where saved and are taking the personality/duties of other entities and just dont know it yet. This could be why john Locke was always a believer and jack had a hard time having faith. But knowing that the smoke monster is in the form of Locke now kinda throws a wrench into this one. But maybe not, we currently do not know how long the smoke monster has been impersonating Locke. Possibly only after Ajira flight or the entire series only after Locke says he saw the smoke monster and it was beautiful.

Just my thoughts. I find that this book and the other has a lot of references/similarities in them that are close to events/characters on lost. Please feel free to comment/rip apart my thoughts. I would like to know what everyone thinks.


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