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Okay, so i have a few thoughts on my mind causing lack of sleep and obsession!

We finally found out what the numbers "supposedly" mean: the candidates (to take Jacobs place on the island? To defeat the MIB? To save the world? who knows for sure?) What we do know is the candidates are: John, James, Jack, Jin (or Sun, but we are pretty sure its Jin), Sayid, and Hugo. (Wow i just noticed half of those names begin with "J", similar to Jacob. hmmmm)
What is very strange is this is a different combination of Characters than anything relevant in the past. Not the Oceanic 6 (Lock and Sawyer were not included), not the people Jacob touched (Kate is not a number), not any specific group in the flashing (Jin was almost always on his own while this was happening). So what is so special about these guys????

People have a lot to say about the parallel timeline showing the events had the island exploded in 1977, thanks to Juliet. HOWEVER, one of the first things we see in LAX part 1 is the island in its "current" condition as flight 815 overpasses it: completely submerged under water (Meaning there is no Jacob or smoke monster, at least not on the island). BUT, we DO see the Dharma houses and playground, meaning the Dharma people WERE there, along with the Others. So , if Juliet did in fact blow up the island, how is this stuff still here, and how are Ben and Ethan in LA living perfectly normal lives? If Juliet did not blow up the island, why is it now under water and everyone who was involved with Dharma gone? What really happened here?

Which leads me to my next thought, Juliet hit the bomb with a rock (we all know that by now), but did the bomb actually go off? It was a white flash and OBVIOUSLY no one died from the explosion (except Juliet of course. Did the bomb go off? Was it a flash back to the future? Or did it have something to do with SOMEONE (juliet) taking fate into their own hands for once and MAKING the future change? (possibly why Jacob let Ben kill him, he knew everything would change). I don't know... like i said, CONFUSED!!!

Lastly, coming from my Juliet thoughts, she told James she had something very important to tell him, but she never got the chance. Did anyone besides myself notice that when Miles is sitting on top of Juliet's grave trying to communicate with her we hear that very obvious sound of bones twisting we hear every time the smoke monster is around?? That is when she supposedly tells him "It worked". I believe this is not her at all! Smokie had something to do with this comment....

I could go on for days on this stuff. I will add one last thing to ponder, did anyone else notice the date on Clair's sonogram in the alternate timeline? It is exactly one month after the original flight 815 took place.....

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