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Its Last Names not First Names by Skipmanii

Ok, I know there will be people that still say I am crazy, but I believe the cave was further evidence that family bloodlines are the important thing. Everyone assumes that Shepard is Jack and Locke is John and Ford is Sawyer and Pace is Charlie. Maybe, this is actually a family blood line. Locke was an only child, he was the end of the line for the Locke’s. Sawyer is an only child, he is the end of the line for the Ford’s. Clair, Jack, Aaron (maybe) and Jack’s grand father are all Shepard’s.

People have talked about Kate’s name not being on the wall, but I am not sure we saw every name. Also, the name to look for is Janseen as Austen was only her step father.

Also, call me crazy, but Pace looks like it has “DS” in front of the name. Is this a reference to the DS ring that Charlie had that was supposed to go to the first born in the family. It had been passed down several generations on the mother’s side of the family.
Also, notice it is not Jacob that is crossing off the names, MIB is the one that crossed off Locke and he implies that Sawyer could get scratched off if he doesn’t play his cards right. Jacob isn’t around to scratch off names. I think MIB is trying to snuff out the blood lines of Jacob’s candidates. Richard did tell Sawyer that MIB “wanted to kill you and everyone you care about.”

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