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Instead of protecting the island, Jacob's main role has been to contain the MIB on the island. The MIB has been placed on the island (most likely weakened) and bound by rules, and Jacob is his positive counterpart and warden. The MIB cannot kill Jacob (or any of his candidates) nor leave the island without The Warden (Jacob or whichever candidate takes his place). This is why he has gotten Jacob killed and is befriending at least 1 candidate so far. Unaware of the true nature of the MIB, Saywer (or another candidate) might be willing to leave the island with him, setting him free.

With regards to the alternative timeline; In this timeline, Jacob has been unable to bring the candidates from the Oceanic flight to the island and in this timeline the MIB will not have been contained on the island (anymore) resulting in whatever will happen when the MIB is let off the island (probably nothing very pretty). Although the timeline seems to have worked out well for the characters, this will soon change as a result of them not being on the island and fulfilling their role

With regards to the number of candidates; unless there is a candidate number higher than 108 revealed, I am inclined to believe the 108 candidates are influenced by the Chinese concept of 108 Stars of destiny:

"Based on the Daoist concept that each person's destiny is tied to a Star of Destiny (宿星), the 108 Stars of Destiny are stars that represent 108 demonic overlords who have been banished by the Daoist sage, Shang Ti. Having repented since their banishment, the stars are released from their place of banishment by accident, and are reborn in the world as 108 heroes who band together for the cause of justice."

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