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The Numbers again by Tiago

The Numbers were never a message from Jacob. The numbers are a message TO JACOB. Everyone remembers hearing Hurley at the record in the radio tower, right?

Well, that’s where my theory comes in. In my theory Jacob told Hurley to record the numbers in the radio tower so that when the next time loop starts Jacob will know that when only these six people are the ones left on the wall of the cave, that’s when he knows he might get killed.

The numbers are actually a countdown for Jacob. But again, for the theory to be true there must be a link between Jacob and the Dharma folks, because as you remember they were the ones writing the numbers on their stations, at least on the hatch.

There must be a link between Jacob and Radzinski or between Jacob and Horace.

But continuing, the symbolism is very interesting, because for the people in the hatch the numbers are some sort of countdown, while for Jacob it is the same, it is a countdown to his death.

What do you guys think?

Again, apologize if any theory with the same message was already written.

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