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How i think its going to end by Jmang

December 30,2004 in the alt timeline is going to be the main day.I think everyone on the island will have to make a choice between the main timeline or the alt timeline or the choice has been made for them already. Juliet near her death made the choice she knew it worked. Being that close to death she felt the life in the other timeline and took it. Exsample: Aaron will die with the grandmother in the main timeline, so he can live with Clair in the the Alt timeline. My best guess on who picks what is: Sun and Gin stay with the Main; Sawyer goes with Alt; Kate Main: Sayid Alt; Michael Already picked so he will be alt;Hurley picks Main (maybe new protecter of the island) ; Rose and bernard stay main. Jack i'm not sure. And who ever died on the island already get thier second chance and are all Alt. To complete the merging of the two timeline the island will sink. The people who want to keep thier Main timeline liv! es will leave the island, but everyone who wants thier Alts will stay on the island and drown. There could be holes in this theory and without the back story of everyone it makes it had to pick what timeline, but this is just a silly guess on something that could happen.

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