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After rewatching "The Substitute", something was really bothering me. Why would Jacob, who we know has lived in the statue and possibly the Cabin, write the names of his "candidates" on a wall in his some cave on the side of a cliff?

What if it wasn't Jacob's wall of candidates at all?

When MIB walked into the cave, he definently seemed to know his way around. Also, he was the one who crossed off Locke's name from the wall. The way that he took the chalk and crossed off the name seemed like he had done it before.

Wouldn't it make sense if the candidate wall was a list of people that he has killed, claimed, or infected?Why would Jacob leave it susceptible to MIB knowing that MIB would try to kill his candidates? Maybe MIB is looking for a replacement; his goal IS to get off the island and it almost seems like he is trying to become human again. What if he needs someone to take over his position so he can finally "go home".

When MIB recruited Sawyer and told him that option 3 was to just leave the island, it was obvious that Sawyer had to help him do it or else he would have left already. Sawyer is a candidate on the wall so MIB is trying to have Sawyer take his place so he can leave.

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