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Number 42 by pipz

About the numbers, in the episode "The Substitute" we started to get some answers, but also a lot of more questions. Why those numbers? (yeah, i know about the Valenzetti equation). Why is the logic behind Character / Number? and so on...

So, by coincidence,when season 6 started i was reading the Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy, by Douglas Adams and i found that, according to the book, number 42 was the " Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". Hmmmm.... 42 is also a lost's number, is this a coincidence? I googled it and i found that it wasn't. In an interview to Lostpedia, David Fury, producer and writer of some episodes, said:

" J.J., Damon and I met at some restaurant on our day off to break that episode. Hurley winning the lottery was Damon’s idea. But I believe the “Numbers” and their importance was J.J.’s. When I started writing the episode, I already figured to use numbers that had been heard on the show… 4 (number of years Locke was in wheelchair); 8, 15 (Flight 815), etc. When I confirmed my number choices with Damon, I was still missing the last number. I had thought to make it “42” (an homage to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – Answer to the Ultimate Question). When Damon had the same idea, that clinched it. It was my idea to have the numbers engraved on the hatch at the end of the episode. After that, I can only assume Damon is the easter egg dropper."

The name Kwon is the number 42. I believe that it refers to both Jin and Sun.

So, to keep it short, here's why i think that they have the number 42 and why Jin and Sun are the "right" candidates:

// Jacob touched the two of them (that's why i think the name Kwon on the cave is referring to both Jin and Sun)

//They could represent two opposites that complete each other.

// Sun- Fire / Jin- Water (fisherman)

// They could represent the balance between light/darkness, black and white...

// Approx every 42 month there is a Solar Eclipse. Where the Moon comes between the Earth (water/darkness) and the Sun(fire/light). Maybe there is some symbolism here, i dont know...

// 42 is the only number that seems to have a direct connection between it's digits, 2 is half of 4 and of course 4 is the double of 2. It's like a perfect match, and there is also a balance in here.

// The reference (42) to the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". In fact this is was what made me think about this theory, number 42 being the "Answer to the Ultimate Question". Like an inside joke, but well supported by the opposites and balance arguments.

Well, in my head all of this make sense, how it makes in yours too :)

Thanks for reading

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