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Who is coming to the island? by jc1funk

On who is coming to the island, I'd like to put forward 2 possibilities. It's either Desmond, or its a third party we haven't met yet... I think if it goes this way, it may have something to do with the Hurley bird and Kate's stalker horse.

I've read a lot about how Hurley and Kate are somewhat "removed" from the game. Apart from Sawyer seeing the horse with Kate (although he does seem to see a lot: blond kid), I'm pretty sure Kate and Hurley are the only ones who have had some kind of "moment" with an animal, instead of a human manifestation of whatever entities are in play. (Correct me if I'm wrong its been a while since a proper re-watch).

It got me thinking that this "animal-manifester" may be a third party, possibly the one responsible for the island and it's prisoner and protector. I'm guessing it is very old, and will tie in the ancient egyptian references.

If not, I'm thinkin it's Desmond. He's either taken a different name in hiding, OR, he is from the ATL, where his name IS Wallace. I say this because I've always thought it important that Desmond's parents and childhood have never been revealed. This makes him unique.

We already know Desmond is "special", I think this could be the key to finding out exactly why, and it has to have something to do with his origin.

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