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Long Con Season 6 by dragonjay

Up until today, I kept swinging back and forth about who the successful candidate would be. Started with Jack, then Hurley, then Jack...etc.

I considered the other candidates. Then it hit me. Sawyer. He's still on the list. And he's pulling a con on MIB. It's what he does, and we know he's semi-reverted to his old ways. So keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I can see the moment near the end when MIB turns his back on his trusted lieutenant and BLAM! Game over for MIB. And maybe the candidate is chosen by being the one who beats MIB? Or he's the last one left. That's secondary.

We've seen Sawyer do some heroic things, such as the helicopter leap. He's also mad at the island, and if he learns that Jacob/MIB was all a game - especially one that took Juliet (and indirectly Kate) from him, he's going to want to exact revenge.

And even though this is where he lost Juliet, he's probably wondering what's even back home for him.

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