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Nightmares and Daydreams by eu

"Dreams and Visions" is the title of one Lostpedia's pages that lists all the dreams, visions or apparitions of Lost. [http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Apparitions]. My proposal is to define which were manifestations of MiB, of Jacob, or the island.

Some time ago, I read a theory comparing Jacob with the greek god of light, Appolo. It is told that, in the Delphic Oracle, the god manifested through his priestess when they were in a trance state. Transfering this feature to Lost, one could assume that Jacob would be behind the characters' visions when they were in a semi-conscious, catatonic, or ecstatic-like state, as experiencing a daydream.

Rearranging the Lostpedia's list, the following would be manifestations of Jacob:
-"Boone has visions of Shannon being killed by The Monster in the jungle, after Locke drugged him."------(This vision of the monster would be an Jacob's action to free Boone from Shannon.)
-"Locke undergoes a vision quest in which he is guided by Boone and instructed to save Eko.------(sweat lodge + hallucinogenic paste)

- While the others leftbehinders discussed how they would find the Orchid if it was at a point in time when it had not been built yet, in a rare moment of lucidity, Charlotte, who was suffering the effects of time flashes, mysteriously told them "you will find it at the well".(As far as we saw, Charlotte could not know where was what Locke was looking for, the frozen donkey wheel.)

He manifested through another type of dreams. All the dreams that characters had while sleeping could be definited as nightmares.

Dreams about Aaron
-"Claire has a dream about looking for her baby, encountering Locke, and finding a crib filled with blood."
-"Charlie has two dreams about needing to save Aaron, which include images of his childhood and a painting by Verrocchio."
-"Kate has a dream with Claire telling her to not take Aaron back to the Island.
------(If the theory is correct, we can say that MiB didn't want Aaron on the island.)

-"Locke has a dream in which he sees the Nigerian drug plane crash into the Island and his mother pointing skyward. He becomes wheelchair-bound again, and also sees Boone covered in blood repeating the phrase, "Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs."
-"Locke has a dream where from Eko's point of view, he climbs a cliff and meets Yemi".
------(The Locke's finding of the Pearl hatch, one of MiB's objectives.)

-"Hurley has a dream in which he gorges on food, speaks in Korean to Jin, and sees the mascot for Mr. Cluck's."
------(Perhaps, MiB was trying to distract Hurley from touching the hatch button.)

The Dead
I presume that only Yemi and Alex's apparitions were MiB. So, he merely materialized in the dead people because the judgments.

All the others apparitions of the dead or, the island was manifesting through them or they were speaking on behalf of the island. Ben explained to Richard that his mother didn't die on the island, later Richard said to Widmore something about the child being chosen by the island. So, if Richard thought that Emily's appariton was an island's manifestation, people who didn't die there couldn't be MiB.

.Ben's mother (Emily)
.Dave (on island)
.Kate's horse
.Eko's other visions (nigerian thugs and the altar boy)

However, the island must be the most powerful of the entities, so maybe it could intervine one the dreams, too.

I know this have enormous gaps, but some parts make a lot of sense.
Thanks for existing Lostpedia!

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