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My Case for Jacob being the Bad Guy by BudE

Since the Season 5 finale, it’s been opinion that MIB is the good guy and Jacob is the bad guy. I haven't received much support, but here's one more try to convince the Lost World.

People have this inherent obsession with assuming that black is wrong and white is right. But when 2 people play backgammon, it doesn’t mean the black player is evil and white is good. It just means there are two opposing sides. Let’s review who has been responsible for what on the island:

Killed or Possibly Killed by Black Smoke:
• Michael (who killed Libby and Anna)
• The Pilot (don’t know his back story)
• Keamy’s Team (ruthless mercenaries)
• Eko (wouldn’t repent)
• Jacob’s cronies
I can't remember who else. Think about this, the Black Smoke can kill easily. If the Black Smoke was so evil, why wouldn’t it just wipe everyone out? It could have killed Jack, Kate, Sawyer, anyone, long ago….With ease.

Who has MIB Manipulated
• Ben (yeah, he’s a kick butt character, but he kills and lies with total disregard)
• Richard (responsible for the purge…women, children, didn’t matter)

Whose deaths is Jacob responsible for:
• Everyone who has died.

Maybe this sounds bold, but work with me here. Richard works for Jacob. Richard is responsible for the purge. We know that Richard receives his orders from Jacob; therefore, Jacob likely ordered the purge. The Others work for Jacob and the Others are constantly killing people. Lists...lists...lists, right? As such, they do this because Jacob allows it…maybe even suggests it.

Off island, Jacob provided the pen for Sawyer to complete his revenge letter. Had he not, maybe Sawyer would have avoided killed innocents (i.e. the Shrimp guy). Maybe Sawyer would have found peace. Jacob paid for the lunchbox Kate was stealing; thereby avoiding any consequences/lessons she may have learned. He distracted Sayid, allowing Nadia (an innocent) to be killed by a car. Why is it that everyone sees Jacob as the good guy? Because he tells people they have a choice? Because he wears white?

Not enough…okay. Jacob is the one who brings people to the island. He is the one who wants to keep playing this game. And if my interpretation of the hieroglyphics is right, he summoned MIB to the island and now he won’t let him leave.

I see MIB as someone who just wants out of the game. Like he said, he just wants to go home. But he can’t.

I think that Jacob brings pieces (people) to the island. They corrupt, they kill, and the game ends the same way. But Jacob can’t face losing, so he brings new players (people) to the island to start the game again. He resets the board.

Sounds childish, doesn’t it? MIB and Jacob have probably played this game for a long, long time, and even though Jacob always loses; he just keeps resetting the board and making MIB play a new game.

Jacob uses people. He is likely responsible for 100s of deaths of his players. MIB just wants to stop playing. He stated that he hates Jacob and he wants him to die. Maybe he hates him because Jacob kills so mercilessly. MIB just wants to stop playing. He just wants to go home.

And let’s think about the endgame. What could possibly happen to make Jacob win the game? It's not when all the pieces (people) are dead. My guess is seeking the outcome of the Valenzetti Equation—the end of the world. Jacob is seeking the end of the world.

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