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Final Overarching Theory by reversechapter

Please post (overarching final theory for the show). Thank you; thanks for the site.

There are six diverging branches of reality. In each of them there is a different end for mankind. People will become extinct in four scenarios: Disease, war, man-made resource depletion, natural disaster, and scientific accident. The last two will save us, but one path will result in the total enslavement of people by a higher power or a group of humans. The final one – the only “right” outcome – will result in men and women living in a self-governed world with relative free will over their lives.

I think Jacob and MIB have worked together to avoid four of these outcomes. We are seeing the last two branches playing out as the final convergence approaches. Widmore’s plan is to achieve immortality by utilizing MIB’s power after he gains control of the island and applying that knowledge to rule the world. That might take a while to accomplish, but Widmore will have all the time and power he needs. I think at the end of LOST Sayid will kill the smoke monster, but Widmore will already be in control and have the power to achieve his goal (“King of the World”).

We will get a glimpse of the remaining Losties regaining control of the island from the monster. At an extreme disadvantage and all but defeated, they will “rise up from the dust” and brush themselves off. Gaining a vast amount of knowledge and a few special powers from their experiences, we will get a glimmer of hope as the Losties vow to work together to battle Widmore and achieve Jacob’s outcome of free will. The bittersweet ending will be that, while they are losing at the moment, the final convergence will not have come yet. They will be on an island with all of the supernatural resources seemingly dried up. Then at the end we will cut to a vacant but well-known spot – perhaps the well or the FDW, and we will see a drop of fersh water or a faint green glow.

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