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mib is aaron jacob is aaron?by robislost

Ok, i got this theory ii want some feed back please. 1st in the 1st timeline when the plane crash in 2004.. Sun and Penny both had their baby. So did Claire. Jin was able to get Sun pregnant on the island and Des was able to get back to Penny. And Claire had her baby Aaron. Right?

Now in the new timeline since the plane never crash, so does that mean Des never get back to Penny since he cant make that phone call to Penny. Penny never comes looking for Des. And now Jin cant get Sun pregnant since they are not on the island and never go to it. So does that mean none of them have kids? And Claire still has Aaron, however Claire has her baby on both timeline.

Now here is where it get fun, Is it possible that Jacob is Aaron and the MIB is Aaron just both from different timeline.Jacob is Aaron from the 2004 when it crash baby born on the island. And is MIB Aaron from the 2004 off-island? MIB wants to get home maybe his home is that timeline? In 1 timelime their Penny and Sun baby but in the other timeline they dont existed at all.

Somehow all of this will play out in the future. Somehow MIB got stuck in the 1 timeline somewhere down the line. What do you guys think??

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