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There've been several theories related to Claire's line of dialouge, "first my dad told me, then my friend told me," which clearly seperates her encounters with Christian & Flocke as being with 2 seperate people.

However I'll concede that obviously MIB could be tricking her here, but why?

That question aside, there's another matter. Christian encouraged Claire to leave Aaron behind in season 4. Now why would Flocke have done that? Wouldn't he have wanted Aaron right there so he could corrupt the child and the mother at the same time?

Or does it make more sense that Christian was not MIB at the time at least, and made sure Aaron went away so that MIB couldn't get to him?

Consider this too. Locke, who's not aligned with MIB, was always trying not to leave the island, a trait MIB approved of.

But Jack, a man who Jacob has been guiding, was trying to leave.

That connects strongly to the idea that if Chritian was Jacob and not MIB, that not only did he set up events for Jack to leave the island, but also set up events for Aaron to go along with them. Conversely, it doesn't make much sense for MIB to have done either of these things.

You pair that with the thought that if Jacob is guiding Jack now, and Christian was guiding Jack very early on in the show, and I'm very very very close to saying that Christian had to be Jacob all along, and not MIB.

Now of course we did see Christian encourage Locke to die, and we know how that worked out, soooooooo ummmmmmmmmm.

There's something up with Christian though. Claire didn't ID him as differerent than her friend for nothing.

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