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He Who Walks Among Us... by Paulapoo730

Jacob to Hurley: Jack has something to do

What is it that Jack has to do? Die. Much like Locke had to die to come back to the island. Jack also has to do it willingly. Why does Jack have to die? Simply this: he is the island's savior. Biblical allusions have long been a part of the story that is Lost. Is it coincidence that the number that was assigned to Jack's name was 23? Probably not. Psalms 23 from the bible: the Lord is my Shepherd..." Jack has always been a leader, a shepherd to the island flock, and now he will become a Christ-like leader, in that he will have to sacrifice his life to save the island, possibly the world. Once Jack dies, Jacob can "claim" him as Smokey/MIB claimed Locke. Then, in Jack's body, Jacob can set about the task of recruiting his army for the ultimate battle, making him "He that walks among them but is not one of them", explaining the meaning of Jack's tatto. Jack is no longer one of them. Now he is Jacob.

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