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We can assume from what we have seen so far is that everyone has a double of themselves living in an Alt universe. There have been ample references to Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Just lostpedia Alice in Wonderland and you will see how many references there are. One very interesting piece of information about Lewis Carroll is that he was a leading mathematician of his era. He had a fascination with number 42 and with numerology and esotericism. Part of esotericism is a “conviction that nature is a living entity, the need for mediating elements (such as symbols or visions) in order to access spiritual knowledge, and a sense of personal transmutation when arriving at this knowledge.”

The island is the body of God (Mother Nature) and is slowly being killed by science. (notice that there are more birds chirping and more wildlife when they flash back in time as opposed to the current timeline) MIB and Jacob are both trying to preserve the island. Jacob for selfish reasons of utilizing its power and MIB as a devotion to the island itself.

The real loophole is SCIENCE. The ability to utilize time travel and try to alter the outcome of events. This allows MIB to find a way to create a supposed loophole by using revived Ben (when shot as a kid) to kill Jacob. I think MIB is confused in the very extravagant and detailed plan he has. In the Bible people thought they were killing the correct person and letting Barabbas free, but really they were killing God himself.

Another source of confusion in the Bible was that people thought that the waters of Bathesda were always thought to be a healing pool of God but really it was a fallen angel that stirred the waters so that people could be healed. Can mirror The Others perception of what should have happened to Sayid, Ben (maybe Claire)?

Going back to the mirrored universe. Everyone has a light and dark side to them. One is in one universe and the other is in the alt. They are not exclusively all light in one and all dark in the other but the clue as to which one we are seeing is what eye is focused on when we see a close up. The left (light) or the right (dark). Simply that there is a war between these two sides. We can see that when people deal with their greatest fears on the island they die and in most cases will allow the alt to live on. We have seen cross over between these two universes with Desmond, Boone, Charlotte and Juliet (as well as others).

Smokey can be many people at the same time. We saw that when Eko saw 3 people at once in the jungle when the machete (which Eko drops on the ground and is now the one that MIB Locke carries) is thrown at him. The smoke monster can take on the form of anything that has been on the island or has been in peoples thoughts. from dinosaurs to childhood friends. It can also break itself into ‘scouts’ We see little bits going through the jungle at times. When we first saw the trees moving in the jungle at the beginning of the first season, we all thought it might be a dinosaur. Well I think smokey was in the form of a dinosaur (also a Hurleybird at one point). They were testing Sayid with electrical currents and iron filings to see if electricity had a similar effect on him as it did on the Smoke monster.

Sorry I didn’t keep to a single thought but I feel I could go on and on with this direction of thinking. Please add to this and see if we can tie things together even more. Jack picks up the rabbit for his moms house and there lies the key. Everything from alt universes to rabbits to white and black theme to time differences to the entire story being about a chess game has built the foundation for what Lost is ultimately about.

Some Additional thoughts:

As for Adam in the cave??? i think Adam might be Richard Alpert. I will probably be proven wrong on this in a split second when we see him on the Black Rock but I think they might be leading us to think that he was on the Black Rock when he wasn’t.

MIBs mission is to definitely steer people from helping Jacob and get their name erased from list. Getting their names crossed off mirrors the book of life in revelation where everyone’s name is written in the book of life until there comes a time when they ULTIMATELY REJECT God and get their names blotted (crossed) out.

Jack saw his past in the lighthouse during a significant time when Jacob visited Jack or his parents. Maybe to deliver something or as a guest. Anyways, he touched them as he did Jin and Sun at their wedding (the temple building in the mirrors), Sawyer at his parents funeral (the church in the mirrors) and now Jacks childhood home. Jacob doesn’t care that the lighthouse is broken because he is down to the last candidates which are on the island anyways.

The sickness is people who have been forced to die before their time. They are almost in a catatonic state and have a greater connection with the Alt timeline then others which leads to great confusion. The reason for some people not being able to die is well explained in conversations between Miles and Hurley.

This is my first post and I haven’t really read many other Theories yet but its worth a try.

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