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MIB a slave of Jacob by Jerad

Alright, after thinking about it long and hard I propose the following theory. Maybe from the start Jacob and MIB weren't equals. Maybe Jacob has some sort of controlling force over MIB, after all it could be possible that Jacob made him into the smoke monster much like he made Richard ageless.
Clearly Jacob believed that the island needed protecting. From very early on in the series we have been told that the smoke monster is a "security system" created to "protect" the island. I propose that Flock is actually a good guy, who was forced to do many things he never wanted to do for a man he never really cared for.

Jacob must have known from the start that resentment would grow between him and his dark companion, thus he made it so that smokie could not kill him. So now we have MIB, the smoke monster. What once was a man is now a security system for Jacob's island, and like any good security system, he does what his employer tells him to do. Even though Jacob's laws tell him that he can't kill his master, he knows that one day he will find a loophole, he'll do what Jacob created him to do, manipulate, scare, and deceive, and he'll use those skill against his creator.

I mean don't you ever find it funny how the others weren't scared of smokie? It's almost like they knew they were protected, like the smoke monster was on their side. That is until Jacob died and his chains around the monster were broken, now Smokie want's his revenge.

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