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Old Hints Lead to New Revelations by MattHertogs

After watching "Lighthouse", many old mysteries that were in the back of our minds have come to the forefront of season six:

1)The identity of Adam and Eve
2)The infection
3)The destiny of the characters (I know this is not actually an old mystery, but I am going to bring up evidence from the pilot)

Anyways, after Darlton used Hurley to practically taunt Lost theorists with Adam and Eve, I decided I would take the time to remind others that I believe this mystery to already be solved.
Let me explain:

In the episode, "Not in Portland", Darlton claims that there is "an anagram that actually sheds some light on the skeletons"

During the episode, in Room 23, the phrase "Only fools are enslaved by time and space" in the brainwash video is an anagram for "Bones of Nadlers may lay deep in lost cave". Nadlers is Rose and Bernard's last name and they are holding white and black stones. I think this is a settled mystery, and it is significant toward understanding the outcome of the hydrogen bomb.

Stay tuned because I will hopefully post a theory soon that synthesizes Rose and Bernard, Richard's "I saw them all die" comment, the flash that brought them all back to the present, and of course the ALT. universe/Flash Sideways into one awesome Jughead theory.

As for the infection, I was not surprised at all that it was tied to MIB, but I did find myself asking whether or not Rousseau was infected or not since Claire seems to have adopted her position as crazy island lady. I realized that Rousseau did not have a brand from the Others and the Others were not that interested in capturing her, so I would guess not. I do not have any concrete ideas as to what being infected entails, so I will save that for next week.

Another thought that I had that was really interesting was that since the candidates correlate to number degrees in the lighthouse and a circle is 360 degrees, there should be 360 candidates. This could ultimately explain the mystery of why Lost was originally called "The Circle" before the pilot premiered. It's always been about these 360 candidates, not some ridiculous time-loop with numerous iterations (which seems to be the most tossed around word on this site).

I would also like to point out that I believe episode six of this season will be a Sun-Jin centric episode because Season 6 has mirrored Season 1 in character centric episodes so far
Ex. 1.04=Walkabout and 6.04=Substitute (Locke-Centric)
1.05=White Rabbit and 6.05=Lighthouse (Jack-Centric)
1.06=House of the Rising Sun and 6.06=? (Sun/Jin-Centric?)

Anyways, thanks for reading and I would appreciate feedback.

Check out my last theory (which I think correctly predicted the candidate wall to be MIB's before "Lighthouse" aired) to add new ideas in the comments pertaining to the new episode.


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