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The Locke/Austin Loophole by Rea

Hello everyone,
I'm a long time lurker but a first-time poster so please be gentle and excuse me if it has already been discussed. I read a lot of theories but not all of them...it would be impossible!

First of all, I would like to say that I'm (as many of you, I guess) desperately looking for a very simple theory that will explain everything. That will be the perfect ending for a perfect series like Lost. Unfortunately, I'm not quite there.

On the other side, something I've noted (thanks to other posters) on 6x05 finally made me write my first very short theory. It's very simple but, first, I need to expose my position on the WHH/ALT never-ending war.
Ok, I think that WHH and ALT do both exist. I think there is a loop and it is always gone in the same way, as MIB ("they come, they fight...") as well as the Valenzetti equation stated. This is the WHH part. Anyway, each loop is slightly different, as Jacob stated ("everything before is just progress...") and this will lead the loop to change dramatically at some point. This is the ALT part.

Going back to the theory:

We found out that we have two set of numbers: one in the cave (possibly MIB's series) and one in the Lighthouse (possibly Jacob's series). Well, the two are different and that's for me is very important and maybe the true "Loophole" of Lost.

The first one have 6 not-crossed names and that includes Locke, that later on has been crossed out by MIB, but not Kate. So, let's say this is MIB's vision of which are the candidates. That seems ok, because the 6 candidates correspond to the 6 numbers of the Valenzetti equation and we know that these numbers CANNOT BE CHANGED.
The second series have 6 not-crossed names (maybe 7 because 4-Locke has not been showed but I guess it will be crossed out) and that includes Kate.

Now, three things are important:
- Jacob visited 7 people (including both Jack and Kate)
- Kate life in the flash-sideways is changed alot like the other's lives. To me, the key sentence is when Claire asks Kate: "what did you do?" and she answers: "do you believe me if I tell you I'am innocent?". Well, I'm sure she is. We are just mislead to think she's not because in the original timeline she was guilty.

So, in short my theory is that Jacob found the TRUE loophole and managed to change the Valenzetti equation leaving MIB unconscious about what happened. MIB is still sure that Locke is one of the Candidates and that everything is playing out as usual. Jacob is one step ahead and I think is going to win, because he changed the equation, whatever this will mean.

On the other side...I have no clue on what's going on on the Island :)

Let me know what do you think

Good Lost to all

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