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I was noticing that there appears to be a lot of accidents and deaths due to car accidents. We know that MIB is trying to get rid of all of Jacob's candidates. Could it be that off island MIB uses vehicles to get rid of Jacob's candidates. On island he uses his Smokey form to scan them for information, then kills them or infects them to further his candidate killing. He may also be the one that ordered the purge and death of the 1954 Military unit, and possibly the flaming arrow attack.

It now makes sense why the dead are buried, unburied dead can be taken over by MIB

I'm thinking that Jacob's touch protects the person from MIB directly killing the candidate, hence MIB using vehicles to kill the candidates. Could it be that Emily Locke was touched by Jacob, thus protecting her and unborn Locke. Or she was touched after the car crash. Maybe this gave unborn Locke a glimpse of his nemesis - Smokey - kind of like a warning.

Here are a few names from the list compiled from Lostpedia. There is one theory that all candidates are male, so I will follow that here.

Off island vehicle related:

31 Rutherford - Shannon's dad - Killed in car accident
55 Burke - Juliet's Ex - killed by bus (even though it looked to be brought on by Richard to get Juliet to the island)
4 Locke - Emily Locke was hit by a car while she was pregnant with John, John survived.
16 Jarrah - would have been hit by a car if Jacob hadn't stopped him
313 Littleton - Aaron? - could the car accident that happened to Claire and her mom been to kill Claire?

Anthony Cooper was brought to the island right after a car crash - could he have another Alias?

On island:

Smokey related

29 Brennan - Science expedition? infected (could also be Tom Brennan, or Tom's son Connor)
?? Lacombe - Science expedition - infected
321 Fernandez - possibly Nikki's unborn child? Medusa Spider
??? Tunde - not seen on the wall
... Zki - Radzinsky? - maybe he was infected?

1954 Military: Richard said: When they refused, he and his people were "forced" to kill them. Could it be that MIB was the one that fooled Richard into killing the military? Some of the names from the military were:

10 Mattingly
233 Jones
317 Cunningham

Then there are a number of names that may have died in the purge. It is still unclear who ordered the purge, may it have been a disguised MIB?

117 Linus - Roger?
147 Lewis - David? Charlottes dad?
171 Straume - Miles? maybe MIB thought he died in the purge?
??? Chang - unsure if he was in the purge
??? Godspeed

Could MIB have also commanded the flaming arrow raid?

Jenkins & Sulivan may have met their doom along with Neil, which we don't know his last name yet.

We also have various names from 815, and a few others like Karl.

Some of the remaining names may belong to people from the Black rock.

This reminds me of Harry Potter and the search for Horcruxes, as long as their is a candidate left, Jacob can come back. Maybe the numbers were repeated over and over, because Jacob knew they would be the last ones on the list to survive, or they were the strongest candidates. Maybe the lower the number the better the candidate.

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