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The Man In Black - Good Guy? by Booj

I was talking with my friend, an avid fan of zombie movies, about the fact that the whole "zombies" thing has been brought multiple times throughout the years as inside jokes, and that the producers have always joked about a zombie season.

He came up with an unbelievable theory on the Man in Black which I thought was worth repeating here... Here's his direct quote.

"While I would be pretty pumped if zombies showed up, I am far more intrigued by the religious subtext in the Jacob vs. M.I.B. storyline. I like where it is going and hope the show has the balls to turn M.I.B. into a protagonist who wants to break everyone free from the oppresive nature of Jacob's personal involvement in their lives.

I hope they don't whimp out and make him a Satanesque fall guy who uses deception to get what he wants. Instead, it would be bold to attack peoples' notions of god directly by illustrating how god throws down direction with no explanation, requiring blind dedication while offering no protection from true tragedy and leaves people to justify his lack of action as mysterious ways we have no way of comprehending.

I want M.I.B. to ultimately both represent Satan and be the good guy. That's a fresh take on an old favorite..."

I think that this would be a great spin on LOST and would really go alongside the fact most of the characters have shades of grey and can't really be classified as purely good or purely evil. It would be extremely bold of the powers that be to extend that difficult-to-classify theme onto the oldest and most famous examples of what is traditionally thought of as good and evil: God and Satan.

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