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I've been thinking about the fact that we never saw Kate's name up on Jacob's wall of candidates in this week's episode, and it brought back a question I had watching the Incident (1 & 2) the first time around.
I noticed that of all the people Jacob touched in his visits to the real world, it seemed to be his aim to "push" these people to the island somehow, with the exception of Kate.
Let's take these one by one.

Locke: He brings him around (some say back to life!) when he falls from his dad's window and tells him everything would be alright. In essence, keep going, don't give up, hell, go on a walkabout!

Sayid: He keeps him out of the road so only Nadia is killed by the insane killer who runs her down. Sayid without Nadia = a Sayid who will do just about anything, even go back to the island, what else is there to live for?

Sawyer: He GIVES THE BOY the pen he needed to compose the letter that would forever drive him to find and kill the man who caused his parents' deaths. This puts Sawyer on island too.

Sun and Jin: This one's a bit tougher. Jacob touches both of them and tells them never to take their love for granted. Perhaps this message sticks and drives them to stay together (for Jin, this means continuing to work for Mr. Paik, and for showing the flower to his estranged wife while waiting in line at the airport-and for Sun, this means getting on the plane with Jin instead of ditching him right then and there.)

Jack: If you watch the scene carefully where he's arguing with is father about "I know you don't believe in me but I need them to!" and Christian challenges him by asking if it's really me or you, Jack, who doesn't believe in you?? Jack is just about to follow him in the hallway, and, who knows, maybe have an honest and open conversation with his father about it rather than continue to be a spoiled brat. (After all, this is the very same incident he recounts to Kate when she's scared to stitch him up in the pilot. If he was really so angry at his father for helping him in the OR that day, would he really use this story as one of such deep and meaningful inspiration on the day of the crash?) But just as he's maybe about to follow his dad, Jacob interrupts him with a retrieved Apollo bar and literally says the phrase, "needed a little push."

Hurley: This is the most obvious one, Jacob makes him feel better about talking to dead people, gives him the flight, and says, "it's your choice."

Now, for Kate: When Jacob paid for her lunch box, he said, "You're not going to steal again, are you? Be good, Katie." If Kate was good and never did steal again, she never would have ended up on the run for murder and on the plane back from Sydney. Somehow, it seems like Kate never should have been there in the first place, or at least was never intended as a candidate.

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