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I just thought of this theory and hopefully it's not a repost...

Anyway, I thought that the healing water was key in the game because recalling back to Season 5, when Sayid shot young Ben, Richard brought him to the temple to be healed. I'm assuming he used the *clear water* to heal Ben. However, I think the significance goes further than Ben losing his innocence. I think Ben is the loophole because now that he was healed in the water in 1977, it enables him the ability to touch/harm Jacob.

Furthermore, I think that Jacob was aware of this, and allowed himself to get killed in order for the water to turn into *muddy/dirty water* In LA X, the man who translated for the Japanese man mentioned, "the water isn't clear anymyore" and later in the episode, Hurley mentions to them that Jacob had died. So I think tying that in, when Sayid is placed into the water, it was dirty. So I believe that Jacob told Hurley to bring Sayid to the temple because Sayid may actually be the only one capable now of killing the Man In Black.

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