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The boy that BSM and Sawyer see is a manifestation of the island. His appearance to Sawyer, shows that Sawyer really is a candidate to become caretaker of the island.

BSM is special as well, but he has turned away from the island and follows his own agenda--which is against the island. Demonstrated by the seeming displeasure the boy shows with the BSM. The boy was talking about not killing Sawyer when he chastised the BSM about the rules.

Richard is not special in the island's eyes because it did not show itself to him, and his name was not on the wall.

Jacob may not be a saint, but it is easy for the BSM to say whatever he wants--when Jacob is never around to defend himself. I'm sure BSM was telling some truths but mixed within more lies. After what he did to John Locke, I don't believe he is the good guy.

These are my thoughts on the boy, I don't buy that he is Jacob or Aaron, and I wanted to propose a likely alternative. Do you think I'm tripping with this?

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