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Jughead did NOT sink the Island by Jin and Juice

As many of us have speculated, the detonation of Jughead did not cause the Island to sink. Everyone has their own scientific reasons of how it's physically and/or scientifically impossible for a bomb to sink the island without obliterating it, but we can't rely solely on hard scientific facts -- i mean, come on, the Island time travels.

The real clues lie in the characters. When we saw Ethan again in "What Kate Does", it stimulates the question, "Did Ethan leave before the bomb exploded..." and thus leading to the question, "Waaiiitt...did the bomb even explode?" We DO know that all women and children were evacuated before The Incident in 1977, and Ethan would have been just a few days old. It's very possible in the original timeline, Ethan is evacuated and returns to The Island, just as Miles and Charlotte did (who were also Island born). We don't see Ethan again until 1989, so there's plenty of time for this to happen. So this isn't really hard evidence for either case....

BUT THEN, in "The Substitute," we see Benny Linus making coffee in the teacher's lounge. At the time of The Incident, Ben was certainly not at the barracks with Dharma, he was cozied up in a tent with The Hostiles. Meaning, there was no way he could have left the island. Ben's only time away from the island in his adult life is from 2005 (he time jumps from 2004 after moving the island) until 2008 when he returns on the Ajira 316 flght. We know he was too busy during this time to take up a side job as a middle school teacher. Besides, Ben is a teacher in sideways 2004.

What I'm getting at is, the island must have sunk before Ben came to the island, in 1973 -- BUT after Dharma has already set up. We see the barracks, the swingset, and of course the Dharma Shark in the intro to LA_X, so we know that Dharma did make it there for a little while. We also know that they found the island sometime in the 60s. So there was an event sometime between 1960s and 1973 that caused the island to sink, and caused this sideways timeline. WHAT COULD IT BE!

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