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Jacob is Locke's Dad.... by Madnhud

So hear me out on this Locke's dad is Jacob theory....the man who impregnates Locke's mom is supposedly twice her age which would put him at about 75-80 in the early 2000's when Cooper comes into Locke's life. Cooper was NOT 75-80. Locke's mom always says it was an immaculate conception. Jacob looks to be 35-40 (twice Locke's mom age at the time) He may have laid hands on Locke's mom to conceive Locke (immaculate conception)...and cooper was a con man, so for some reason he conned Locke out of his kidney ~either for himself or someone else...he wasn't in the hospital when Locke came out of surgery...I think I'm right....I don't remember seeing Locke's name on the cave????

And if you think about the visits to the Losties that we have been shown (key here is that we haven't seen all of Jacob's visits meaning I think he has visited them more than once throughout their lives) The only one where Jacob shows real emotion is with Locke when he's been pushed out the window and he says I'm sorry this happened to you and he seems truly sad...thoughts?

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