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In the original timeline, Locke seems to have been Smokie's secret weapon and his loophole that allows for the death of Jacob.

The ALT timeline is Jacob's secret weapon to negate Smokie's move and get out of check (if we are referring to it as a big game of chess)

Seasons 1-5: Locke is a man of faith, and Jack is a man of science. Over the course of the series, Locke shares his faith and challenges Jack, turning him into a man of faith by the end of the 5th season. If anything, as soon as Locke dies, Jack fully becomes the man of faith, getting everyone back to the island because it is their destiny.

ALT: Locke is, to say the least, glum. So far, we have seen him interact with Jack, Hugo, and Rose, who all give him hope and perspective. I think there is a possibility that the events of ALT will permanently affect the person, the spirit, the soul, of John Locke. There is a chance Jack could fix him. In this ALT timeline, even though Jack is still a medical doctor, he is not the cold man of science, but rather a healer. Jack in ALT is the man of faith (possibly because Locke turned him into one in the original timeline), and I think he will give Locke faith in the way that Locke gave Jack faith on the island.

Cut to-

Blonde boy in the jungle: "You know the rules. You can't kill him."
FLocke: "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

John Locke's mantra. John Locke the man, the man of faith.

This tells us something. Something important about the nature of the smoke monster and what exactly it means to be possessed by it, as Locke has been. The real John Locke shined through for a moment. Even though Smokie was still in charge, the passion of Locke is still there. There is still some part of Locke in FLocke. Maybe he's in the passenger seat while Smokie drives. But he is still there, in that Locke-shaped vessel.

This tells me that John Locke, the man, is still in play, as far as game pieces go. Smokie has control of him right now, but John Locke is not entirely claimed.

What would happen to FLocke on the island if the ALT Locke was changed? The ALT Locke becoming a man of faith because of the actions of Jack (and others) in the ALT.

This may have an effect on FLocke on the island. I think it could change his... composition. This could possibly be Jacob's ultimate checkmate on his nemesis.

Moreover, Jacob is the man of faith (corresponding to Locke), and MIB is the man of science (corresponding to Jack). What greater victory for Jacob than to use MIB's own secret weapon against him, especially when MIB's secret weapon was to use Jacob's corresponding piece against him. Jacob uses Locke to transform Jack (seasons 1-5), who in turn transforms Locke in the ALT, which goes back to have an effect on FLocke on the island, thereby ruining MIB's plan all together.

Check. Mate.

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