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Eloise Moved the Island in 1977 by LostInHouse

The island had been moved before Ben and Locke moved the island.
We know this because:

1. The Others had knowledge of the island moving capability, otherwise, Ben would not have known how to do it.

2. The Dharma Polar Bear was found at the exit point in Tunisia, so at some point in the 1980's, Dharma figured out how to use the donkey wheel. This is probably why the Others were forced to kill everyone in the Dharma Initiative.

3. Charles Widmore had knowledge of the exact point of exit prior to Ben moving the island because he had cameras set up to watch the exit point.

Why do we think that think that the island was moved vs. hydrogen bomb exploding? We think this because:

1. We saw the same bright white light that showed up when Ben and Locke moved the island, as well as every single time jump when the "record was skipping".

2. Jin actually said it was a time jump, because it was just like the other ones.

3. Only the Losties were moving through time, not the Others.

4. It honestly doesn't make sense that a bomb would send them back to present and correct time.

5. In the current time line, the bomb did not sink the island. There would not have been an island to go back to in 2007 of the same time line. (alternate time line is only where the plane did NOT crash)

So, when and who would have moved the island? It has to be an Other. (Dharma hadn't figured it out yet) Someone that has not been back to the island. Someone that has not been seen on the island after 1977. (not Charles, we saw him on the island when Ben stole Alex from Rousseau in 1988.)


I think the Others, with their knowledge of the island's secrets and capabilities, knew how to get the Losties back to their correct time. (just like the secret of how to heal Ben at the Temple)

Number one reason to send Eloise? To protect the unborn Daniel from the crazy people who were planning to detonate a hydrogen bomb.

Their plan should have worked, the bomb should have gone off, but it would have killed them, and that would have been the end of the plane crash timeline.

The reason why the bomb did not detonate is the same reason why Michael could not kill himself. The island was not done with them. They have lots of work to do. We just don't know what that is.

More support for this theory:

1. We see Eloise and young Daniel off the island.

2. Out of all the Losties who were skipping through time, Daniel never had a nose bleed. This is because Daniel had spent the least amount of time on the island. Since Miles left the island as an infant, Daniel must have spent even less time than that which implies that he must have left the island before he was born.

Charlotte was on the island until she was about 4-5 years old. She got sick first, and subsequently died.

The next person to get a nose bleed was Juliet. She had been on the island for 3 years.

Then Sawyer - 4-5 months

Then Miles - 2-3 months

3. The Swan station had been built.

4. Daniel was probably the one who built the Lamp Post during the three years he was off the island 1974 - 1977. Eloise is the only one who can find the island because Daniel left all the details about the Lamp Post in his Journal which his Mother kept after she accidentally shot him.

The only thing that negates this theory is the Dharma town that was shown underwater in the Lost Premiere.

I got the same feeling when I saw the sunken Dharma Village as I did when I saw the Oceanic Airliner sunk in the ocean. I don't think it is real. Hey...if Charles Widmore can stage a crashed / sunken ginormous airliner along with 300 dug up bodies, and little village is nothing.

It is possible that if the bomb actually did detonate, it could have sunk the island and forced the new alternate time line. But there is no way that the bomb went off in the island time line. The island would not allow it. Does this make sense?

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