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Is Hurley Dead? by MiguelO

As I was watching the season six premier I could not help but notice Hurley's red t-shirt. Traditionally in LOST everyone wearing a red shirt tends to die (Juliet, Frogurt, etc.). The writers know this and they have now placed a red shirt on Hurley. At first I was thinking he was going to die in this or a future episode. But then I started to wonder why he can interact with all of the dead people on the island.

Then when, at the end of the premier, miles is with Hurley and he gives him a very weird look. The look he gives Hurley reminded me of the look he gave Claire before she went to be with Christian (Smokie/MIB/Flock?) in the cabin. We have seen dead people on the island (usually always taking the form of MIB), but also Ben, and now Sayed seem to be "dead men walking." I wonder if Hurley himself may be able to see all of the dead people because he himself is dead and the red shirt and miles puzzled looks were clues to that. Maybe Hurley is like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense not even realizing that he can see dead people because he himself is also dead?

I know it is a theory with lots of possible holes but I just wanted to throw it out there and see what you all thought! I don't know what I am gonna do with myself once this season is over!

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