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The Lost Supper by Newbie

I remember reading an article regarding the promo spread for season 6 (the "Last Supper" pose) and different interpretations of what it could mean...the placement of the characters and so forth. I also remember it was confirmed by Damon and Carlton that they had direct involvement in the photo and everything was done on purpose. Now that we're nearly 1/4 of the way through the last ever season of Lost, I think we might be able to attribute some significance to it. Here are the photos again, for those of you who don't remember (courtesy of Lostpedia):


Lostpedia also notes:

* In the cast picture there are 14 people, instead of 13. Locke takes the place of Jesus, Jack the place of 'doubting' Thomas, Sayid the place of Judas Iscariot, and Kate the place of John (or Mary Magdeline).
* In the first some of the characters appear to be looking into each other in pairs.
* Locke (or Flocke) always stares forward.
* In the second version of the photo, Claire and Miles switch sides, Hurley moves to the left, Sun and Ben switch with each other.

At first, my initial thought was: Okay, one of the photos represents the Lost Main Timeline and one represents the Alternate Timeline. Notice in the first photo, John Locke is smiling, whereas in the second, he has a stern look of condemnation. Surely there's something to that, right?

Then I'm thinking: Wait a minute, maybe these represent the sides our characters have chosen. Jacob's absence not withstanding, if you look at the first photo, all the people on the left side of Locke seem to make up Smokey's first recruits (Claire, Sawyer, possibly Sayid and Kate to follow?). On the left, we have all the characters on Jacob's side (so far), including most prominently Jack and Hurley. (Jin and Sun are always on the same side, thank God.) So what does that say about Ben's placement? Hmmm...

However, there has to be some sort of significance in the fact that some of the characters switch places in both photos, most notably Claire and Miles on opposites sides of the table. I have absolutely no clue what this could indicate, other than they've literally "changed sides."

Of course, there may be nothing to all this ("it's just a photo spread"), but I'm guessing everything will fit into place in retrospect.

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