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John Locke is Jacob's son by SweatLodge

Ok, not sure if you will remember this but in season 4 we saw a Locke flashback. It was the one when he was actually born. The scene began with a young woman, blond, maybe 17 or 18 at the oldest and she was putting on lipstick and go out for the night. It looked like the early 50’s only because she looked like she just came off the set of Happy Days.

Her mother comes into her room and gives her a hassle about going out and that her boyfriend was twice her age. She goes on and on about how her mother cant stop her because she loves him. She runs out of the house and gets hit by a car. She wakes up in the hospital and gives birth to John prematurely. We even see Richard there checking in on John.

We never see the Father.

OK, so here is my theory:

Jacob is John Locke’s father. I know it sounds far fetched but we never see the father. The young girl’s mother says that her daughters boyfriend is twice her age which is very close to Jacob as we know him. John as child had blond hair.(we see him in high school like that) and John’s mother get’s hit by a car which is so very LOSTish in of itself.

AND, because there are obvious religious overtones in the show, to include good vs evil and free will vs destiny we can say (hopefully) that Jacob is good and the other guy is bad. With religion in mind, I think John Locke was invaded by the bad guy knowingly by Jacob. I think Jacob SACRIFICED HIS SON to the bad guy in order to prove whatever he is trying to prove or accomplish whatever it is he is trying to accomplish.

What do you think?

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