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Jacob/MIB End Game by masnyc22

OK, we now know that MIB is "trapped", and cannot leave the island -- and that everything that we has done and manipulated over the centuries is related to his quest to be released. We also know that Jacob can leave the island, apparently at will. We also know that killing Jacob was not sufficient, in and of itself, to get MIB off the island. It seems to me that the MIB needs to recruit and have one of his "claimed" "win" or be appointed to Jacob's post, or be appointed himself somehow, so that he can change the rules, or use Jacob's powers to leave.

When MIB said to Jacob "Do you know how badly I want to kill you", and Jacob said "Yes", it was because Jacob had once been in MIB's place, and managed to usurp the previous island guardian. It also seems that MIB is lying to Sawyer -- that while he is trapped, his goal is the power. We know that the island is not just and island, and that Jacob's power is likely substantial -- and that with the power, MIB could leave when he chooses.

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