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It Only ends Once... In destruction by Deedeemaha

I was thinking about this line a lot (It only ends once everything else is just progress), and it made me think about another line Flocke said to Sawyer, "are you can just do nothing and see how it all plays out."

MIB said that they come fight, destory, etc. As a result the bomb was set off which resuted in the island shown at the bottom of the sea. The END!

Perhaps thats how it has always end. Jacob has hope that he can change things, MIB has LOST hope and wants to go home. where ever that is I dont know.

But now that sentence makes sense " It only ENDs once, everything else is just progress. Maybe from Jacobs point of view he keeps trying to change the end game. To save the island.

Rembmer Flocke/MIB told Sawyer he thinks the island needs protecting. If thats to be believed this is what the whole tug of war is over THE Island being Saved.

This leads me to believe we will see a another Flash, we have had a flash forward, backward, sideways. But have we seen a forward to the FUTURE? further in the future. Much further. Far enough to make someone want to time travel back to save the island.

Are is it really an island? Perhaps its a SHIP and thats what has been LOST in time. After all you only need to turn a wheel and it moves. So perhaps it needs to get to the future. and Jacob and MIB have their own view how it should be done.

So the only thing that I do belive is that one statement, It only Ends once. In the future.

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