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Jacob protects those he touches by Fed23

My theory is simple. The reason why the detonation of the hydrogen bomb "Jughead" didn't kill anyone around it - rather - sent them forward in time, is because Jacob protects all those he touches until their destiny is fulfilled. Until the destinies of those touched is followed through, they can't be harmed by mere...hydrogen bombs. This would also explain (to some avail) why the implosion of the hatch caused wardrobe malfunctions rather than death to those in and around it.

Also, it is interesting to note that while many people suspect that what Dogen (karate chop other) said to Jack about Sayid being "claimed by evil" is true, why would evil manifest itself if Jacob was the one sending them there in the first place?
After he died...

What if Jacob isn't who we think he is?

We've always though of Jacob as being the light, the antithesis of the MIB - what if those roles were reversed? It does seem that he's been able to give those he touches the remarkable ability to survive whatever we'd write off as certain death, so do we really know if the lives of those he's touched are meant for good...or for evil?

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