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The Game by Tiago

This is my first theory and I haven’t read much of the others theories yet so I strongly apologize if this was already written.

So, my theory is about the game. To me the game is a game where superior (godlike) beings try to prove the value and the worth of the human being, it could also be like aliens who are deciding if humans are good enough not be destroyed or something of the kind. Then, to make a fair judgment they need two sides, one to be the prosecutor, in this case the black smoke/MIB/Men in Locke, and another one to be the defense lawyer, Jacob.

To prove the good of the humans (Jacob’s job) they must choose people with huge flaws, who were damaged in life, bring them to the island and turn them into good people, or in other words, help them overcome their flaws. In that sense, Jacob’s job is to go look for these “bad” people, bring them to the island and try to make them better. I believe that everything that happened in the island was design by Jacob to help them become better.

Now, Black Smoke’s job is to interfere in the plan and do whatever he can to make the people chosen by Jacob not to change. Every time he manages to do that he can scratch their names off in the cave. When there are no more names left, Black Smoke wins. Also in my theory, Ben, Widmore, Eloise, Aaron, Claire and many others were in the list but for some reason were scratched off by Smokie and thus removed from the game.

However, the game was set up so that it is very hard for Jacob to win so that humans would not be redeemed easily. Therefore, Black Smoke was given more powers, he can turn into smoke and kill lots of people, but also, he can claim other people’s bodies. That’s why the others and the Dharma folks are so obsessed with the disease, and the vaccine is nothing less than a chemical that Jacob manufactured to stop Smokie from using their bodies.

Still, many people who came to island could already be possessed by Smokie and the others had no way of knowing it, one of these possible incarnations was Walt. That’s why Walt told Michael when he was a hostage at the others camp that they were doing tests on him. Maybe not as tough as the ones they did to Sayid but still a test to see who he really was and as he passed the test the others let him go.

I know there are a lot of holes in the theory, but I still think that’s the main storyline, at least until the next episode…

Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

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