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After episode 4 of this season, a thought occurred to me... we keep trying to think about Adam & Eve being people we know. Rose and Bernard, for example, taking the black and white stones literally along with that crazy Nadler anagram. And it makes sense, especially from the finale last season.

But now we know about successors. And those stones.

What if Adam & Eve were the two people who played the roles of Dark and Light before passing their duties to Jacob and MiB? Consider the facts. We know Jacob is looking for candidates, presumably to be his successor. And we know MiB said he "used to be a man" - that he's a "who," not a "what." Lastly, the ghost child apparition, to me, was sent by a power higher than our two Backgammon Boys - namely the Island.

So my simple theory is the Island had the ying and yang originally and their duties passed to MiB and Jacob. Those two were laid to rest together, with the black and white stones, for eternity in our caves. Now the search for replacements is happening again but MiB isn't playing nice.

Sorry Rose and Bernard - my hunch is those bones belong to a different set of black and white.

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