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The Alternate Timeline is reality by Explosivo

The alternate timeline is reality. This is what is actually happening in the real world. The island experiences are physical manifestations of what is happening in the meme world. Most importantly the biggest fight is between Religion vs Reason. Each character on the island is an avatar which represents that character’s contribution to the game(s).The island is a physical representation of the internet or a classroom or anywhere else where ideas are put forth to compete for mindshare.

Following this theory out we can predict character interactions in the alternate timeline that will affect the meme wars on the island. For example, in the “alternate timeline”, which I will now refer to as reality, Locke and Ben are becoming friends. In previous seasons Ben and Locke have been very much at odds to say the least. Specifically it would appear that Ben was very defensive and Locke was aggressive.

My theory predicts that this means in the real world Ben had created a meme that had followers but Locke came along with a different idea that threatened to push Ben’s idea out of existence. Thus Ben took some aggressive action to harm Locke’s idea ultimately destroying it. My guess is since Locke likes “Risk” and Ben is a European history teacher. The idea in question will be something about World War II. Ben has a theory that has some level of acceptance but Locke is offering evidence that is destroying Ben’s idea. Ultimately, Ben will put forth some evidence that blows Locke’s theory to pieces.

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