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This is my first theory posted here.. in fact after 3 years or visiting today is the first time i've started leaving comments, etc. anyway, i don't believe i've read anything exactly matching what i'm about to write, if anyone feels i've "stolen" their theory i apologise in advance..

since the start of the show when Locke sat on the beach and told Walt about white & black, and then asked if Walt wanted to know a secret, I've been intrigued by the character of John Locke. when it was revealed that he was dead, it was a sad day. and then to be led to believe that the Island has revived him only to find out that no, he's actually dead, was sad also, albeit the awesome twist of MIB taking Locke's form to kill Jacob

the good news is, i'm a believer that the purpose of the sideways universe could be to give us clues to the end of the show, the parellel's of both timelines, and the destinys of the characters. my main point in this case being that sideways Jack has offered to try to "fix" Locke, which could very well happen, and the juxta of that is that Island Jack will have the ultimate showdown with Flocke, and *somehow* bring real Locke back. either i'm reading things wrong or it's being heavily hinted at, including the "Locke" outburst from Flocke last week "don't tell me what I can't do!"

Locke died, but his essence has survived due to MIB taking his form, and he will triumph. Jack's redemption and purpose is to "revive" or fix Locke and thus save the Island

or i'm just suffering from wishful thinking... let me know what you think :)

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