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Adam and Eve by Hurley Bird

One of the very first and most interesting mysteries we got on Lost were the skeletons in the cave referred to as "Adam and Eve". They haven't been referenced since we first saw them but the writers stated that Adam and Eve were proof that they've known where the show has been going since season 1.

I think I've figured out who they are, and no its not Rose or Bernard, or Sun and Jin, or Jack and Kate, Penny Desmond, etc. I think they were the islands protectors before Jacob and MIB got there. I think we have been given proof that this is true with the black and white stones in Adam and Eves pocket. Black and White, Good and Evil has been a huge, if not the biggest, recurring theme on Lost. Jacob and MIB and the game they've been playing represents that theme. Good vs. Evil. Which side will win?

Adam and Eve were on the Island's protectors before Jacob and MIB. Im guessing they were playing the same game Jacob and MIB are playing now: Protecting the Island and bringing certain people to it to potentially be a Candidate. Jacob and MIB were brought to the Island by Adam and Eve and were candidates and soon became the new Adam and Eve as the Island's new protectors. Now it is their turn to play the game. Adam and Eve were probably ageless and since they completed their mission, they died and were laid to rest in the caves by Jacob and MIB.

Adam and Eve were opposing sides. One was good, one was evil. Just like Jacob and MIB. Hence the black and white stones in their pouch. Wait doesnt that sound familiar? Oh ya, Jacob and MIB had a scale with a black and white stone on it didn't they? Coincidence? I think not.

I think this shows that this big game on the Island has been played for a VERY long time and soon the torch will be passed from MIB and Jacob to 2 of our losties. Jack is a given. But who would represent the dark side? Sawyer looks good, but what about Kate. Adam and Eve could have been lovers, and Jack and Kate certainly fit the bill. Kate said herself,"I dont wanna be Eve.." Strong foreshadow.

By the way this is my first theory ever posted so i would appreciate whatever comments you may have. Thanks :)

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